Your Journey. Our Guidance.


We inspire people to greater life fulfillment, so they are able to impact their world in a meaningful way.


Before we guide and empower you to be in control of your future, it is most important to understand you and learn about your individual values and goals. The result? Greater life fulfillment, contentment and peace of mind.


Benefits and pension are the foundation to our approach for business and beyond that, we lead businesses in the development of a total rewards strategy, which increases employee engagement and retention.

Business Owner

Your personal financial plan is influenced by your business success. Effective strategies are necessary to avoid catastrophic loss and to make sure the investment in your business counts for you and your family. By working with us, you will be empowered to be in control of your future while focusing on what you do best.

The SFG Approach

We have designed our approach to align with and integrate the needs of our clients whether they are personal financial clients, business clients or business owner clients. It is distinguished by three unique and important stages that illustrate our philosophy of serving clients throughout the stages of their life and business. Our approach provides a framework that is structured, holistic and presents benefits beyond your personal financial plan or company’s benefits plan.  Visit our website to learn more about our refreshing approach to building authentic success.